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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

German Illuminati - Japanese Black Dragons

At one time they were 2 different factions of Zionism fighting for POWER. The Western Zionist VS The Eastern Zionists. The U.S won. The end result is that all the other factions tow the line behind the masters. They do this because if they don't, they will be attacked again with great fury as they are the only serious options worthy of qualification as an enemy. Japan was a broken power. Far worthy of the insignificant Zionist game, but were split by whispers and promises of World Power.

Evil shall not be forgiven whether is is Eastern or Western. Only our maker can determine that decision along with your constitutional rights.

Japan is polluted with atomic fallout and western commercialism. They bow only because of the sake of thier people. They make decisions based on survival. They conform because they have a plan. A long term plan. As one of the oldest nations on the planet. It is easy to see they would make short term decisions to serve long term survival, beyound the N.W.O and the Illuminati. They are generally rebellious and prefere to eliminate the enemy after using all the opportunities avaliable.

Who could be so shameless as to document deliberate suffering with such a stupid smile? Insanity is a sickness sweeping our globe. Insanity is forcing us to hurt each other. Insanity is forcing the worst of the worst to expose themselves. Luckily they ARE exposing themselves. This can only determine a calculated downfall. Did they not learn anything from history?

This is the first post in my investigation of the secret societies in Japan from the late 19th century up until today. None of this info is formerly substantiated at this time. Will do so as I unravel it.

There is a definite link between the the Japanese army and the German Illuminati via an unexpected liaison. I can link Adolf Hitler directly to the Secret Japanese society that established foreign policy with in Japan before, during and Post WWII.

Let us begin with the 'Green men'.

Direct excerpts from articles found... Bibliography to follow at a later date.

Shadowy forces preferring to remain in the background have always guided Japanese nationalism. These forces guided the Black Ocean and other militarist secret societies, just as the Black Ocean later guided the Black Dragons. The ultimate driving force behind these secret societies, the politics and power plays since the nineteenth-century, is the Order of the Green Dragon. A small order of ostensibly Buddhist monks, the Green Dragons arrived in Japan from mainland Asia during the 8th century. The orders influence and prestige developed during the Ashikaga period of the 13th-16th centuries, maintaining a solitary monastery in the mountains of Kii Hanto. Before Oda Nobunaga's campaign against the Buddhist monks during the late 1500s, the Order abandoned its monastery and retreated to Kyoto, where it hid from the worst of Oda's excesses.

After America forced open Japanese trade and culture to the outside world, the darkness was unleashed. For over 900 years, the monks of the Green Dragons have been in contact with a small group of Agarthan monks of the Left Hand Path, known as the Green Men, located in Tibet. Communicating through dreams and astral projection, the Green Dragons have been cooperating with these Tibetan monks to bring about the Tsan-Chan Empire in 3,000 years time. In 1855, a member of the Green Men arrived in Kyoto to meet personally with the Order of the Green Dragons and detail their plans for the future of Japan.
Is this your daughter?

The Dragons utilized nineteenth-century Japan's growing nationalism and anti-foreign sentiments for their own ends. The secret societies developed networks throughout Korea and China to gather intelligence, recruit allies,
cause unrest and strengthen Japan's position across Asia. As Japanese power swelled, annexing Korea and extracting concessions and territory from ailing China, the Green Men's grasp tightened on the increasingly proud and resentful Dragons. The Council of the Green Dragons decided that cooperation with the Agarthan Green Men would only continue as long as it was in Japan's interest to do so.

The Green Men ordered the Dragons to cooperate with the Thulegesellschaft in the 1920s, and the Ahnenerbe and Karotechia during the 1930s and 40s.

The Ahnenerbe staged several expeditions into the mountains of Tibet and it remains unclear what relationship the Karotechia established with the Green Men. Substantiated reports place a small group of Tibetan monks in Berlin during the final days of the Third Reich. These monks were found executed, apparently by the SS, to prevent them from being captured by the encroaching Soviet forces. Despite the apparent alliance forged between the Green Men and the Karotechia, the relationship between the Karotechia and the Dragons was forced and uneasy. One of the last contacts Japan had with the Nazi Reich was a submarine infiltration off Kyushu that evacuated several Karotechia personnel and a cargo of artifacts. It's unknown whether the submarine, it's passengers or cargo reached the Dragons and the Karotechia's counterparts in Unit 831.


The Order of the Green Dragon (or the Green Dragon Society depending on your source) were at the time, a Japanese secret society dedicated to the mastery of the human body, and of the Time Organism or the Etheric Body. Mastery allowed access to great power apparently. They also had powers of prophecy. Higher level initiates had to prove themselves by forcing a seed to germinate by their willpower. The Japanese order is distinguished from western secret societies by it's exacting demands - especially the "PRICE OF FAILURE".

Main Entry: 1sys·tem·ic
Pronunciation: sis-'te-mik
Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or common to a system : as a : affecting the body generally b : supplying those parts of the body that receive blood through the aorta rather than through the pulmonary artery c : of, relating to, or being a pesticide that as used is harmless to the plant or higher animal but when absorbed into its sap or bloodstream makes the entire organism toxic to pests (as an insect or fungus)

Karl Haushofer (General and Professor) of Geo-Politics infamy (Alan LeVey was also a fanboy), was one of only three westerners ever, who have become members of the Green Dragon Society. Haushofer was a military attache in Tokyo when he joined before WW1. Later Haushofer was a Nazi and was influential in forming Nazi racial policy. Haushofer was also a member of the Vril Society or Luminous (Illuminati/ Mason) Lodge.

The Vril Society is supposedly one of the sources of the Nazi party with early party members overlapping with the Vril, Thule and other secret societies.

The Vril Society or The Luminous Lodge combined the political ideals of the Order of the Illuminati with Hindu mysticism, Theosophy and the Cabbala. It was the first German nationalist groups to use the symbol of the swastika as an emblem linking Eastern and Western occultism. The Vril Society presented the idea of a subterranean matriarchal, socialist utopia ruled by superior beings who had mastered the mysterious energy called the Vril Force.

"This secret society was founded, literally, on Bulwer Lytton's novel The Coming Race (1871). The book describes a race of men psychically far in advance of our own. They have acquired powers over themselves and over things that made them almost godlike. For the moment they are in hiding. They are said to live in caves in the center of the Earth. Soon they will emerge to reign over us."

The Vril Society believed that whoever becomes master of the Vril will be the master of himself, of others around him and of the world. The belief was that the world will change and the "Lords" will emerge from the center of the Earth. Unless we have made an alliance with them and become "Lords" ourselves, we shall find ourselves among the slaves, on the dung-heap that will nourish the roots of the New Cities that will arise.

In The Unknown Hitler, Wulf Schwarzwaller says:

In Berlin, Haushofer had founded the Luminous Lodge or the Vril Society. The Lodge's objective was to explore the origins of the Aryan race and to perform exercises in concentration to awaken the forces of "Vril". Haushofer was a student of the Russian magician and metaphysician George Gurdjieff. Both Gurdjieff and Haushofer maintained that they had contacts with secret Tibetan lodges that possessed the secret of the "Superman." The Lodge included Hitler, Aalfred, Rosenberg, Himmler, Goring and Hitler's subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell. It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler. Hitler's unusual powers of suggestion become more understandable if one keeps in mind that he had access to the "secret" psychological techniques of Gurdjieff which, in turn, were based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan lamas and familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon.”

The Vril Society, and later the Nazis, organised expeditions to Tibet starting in 1926, ending in 1942 trying to contact the Cave Oracles of Tibet. These expeditions contacted the Adepts of Agarthi.

The Tibetan monks/adepts of Agarthi in Germany were known as the Society of Green Men. It's foremost adept was known as the Monk of the Green Gloves/Hands , who was renowned for his clairvoyant abilities and had mastered prophecy. Hitler had audiences with him.

The Society of the Green Men were apparently in astral contact with the Green Dragon Society, and had been for several centuries. The Green Dragon Society sent seven members to aid the Society of Green Men in Germany. The Green Men were to help further the Nazi cause and the projected mutation that would turn the Aryans into God-Men. The activities of the Green Men were under heavy Nazi security.

The Green Men fell out of favour in 1943/44. This may have due to the failure of the Tibetans to alter the course of the war, or it may have due to the involvement of Haushofer's son in the 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler. Some sources say that they were put on concentration camp rations. It is reported that when the Russians entered Berlin in 1945 they came across numerous bodies of Tibetans. They had all committed suicide by a knife stroke to the stomach. Some sources say the monks were in German uniform without insignia, other sources say they were naked. Because of his failure, Haushofer killed his wife and then committed seppuku himself at the end of the war, as would be expected by the Green Dragon Society.

The last remnants of the Society of the Green Men were eliminated in 1959 by the Communists after the Chinese annexation of Tibet in 1950.

Links between the Green Dragon Society, The Blue Ocean Society and the Black Dragons.

Ultranationalism was characteristic of right-wing politicians and conservative military men since the inception of the Meiji Restoration, contributing greatly to the prowar politics of the 1870s. Disenchanted former samurai had established patriotic societies and intelligence-gathering organizations, such as the Gen'yosha (Black Ocean Society, founded in 1881) and its later offshoot, the Kokuryukai (Black Dragon Society, or Amur River Society, founded in 1901). These groups became active in domestic and foreign politics, helped foment prowar sentiments, and supported ultranationalist causes through the end of World War II. After Japan's victories over China and Russia, the ultranationalists concentrated on domestic issues and perceived domestic threats, such as socialism and communism.

That is it for today.. this article is in a draft format only at this time. Nothing is conclusive until further notice.



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